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FNPS mission statement

The FNPS stimulates discussion and exchange of ideas between physiologists, obstetricians and neonatologists. The FNPS considers an informal gathering and presentations of new and preliminary data, especially by investigators in training, essential to achieve goals.

The Society was founded in 1974 during an informal meeting in Oxford. Professor Geoffrey Dawes (1918-1996) and Dr. Gerhard (Bo) Gennser took the initiative and were made honorary members of the society in 1995.

The name of the annual conference (and society) has changed several times, reflecting the widening scope of the society:

1974-80                Conference on Fetal Breathing

1981-83                International Conference on Fetal Breathing and other Movements

1984-95                Society for the Study of Fetal Physiology

1996-date            Fetal and Neonatal Physiological Society


Over the years the society has maintained its informal character and a lack of rigid structures. Those who have attended at least one of the previous three meetings are members of the society and will be informed about the next meeting. Abstracts for the Annual Meeting are requested two months before the meeting and are compiled in the Book of Abstracts to encourage recent and preliminary data to be presented.

The Organizational Coordinator will be selected by the Organizational Committee and shall serve the three years. The Organizational Committee shall consist of representatives from Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, continental Europe, South America, the United Kingdom and the United States of America and shall be selected by the committee.

The Annual Meeting will be held in Europe, North America and the Southern Hemisphere, in June-September, as determined by the Organizational Committee. Approximately half of the meetings will be held in Europe.

Any residual funds from the prior meeting shall be passed on to the coordinator for the next meeting. Audit will not be required if the residual funds are less than 10,000 US$. The (local) Organizing Committee shall have the right to solicit funds in the name of the Society from organizations for the purpose of providing financial support for students and fellow-in-training to attend the meeting of the society.

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